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Client found Not Guilty of CSC 4th thanks to Detroit defense attorney

Detroit defense attorney helps completely acquit client.

In the Third Circuit Court, before Judge Richard Skutt, Detroit defense attorney Dana Nessel helped to secure a complete Not Guilty verdict for her client.  The client was charged with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct – 4th Degree, Indecent Exposure, and Assault & Battery.  The charges stemmed from allegations that took place in Brownstown, Michigan.  The claim was the our client, a female, began to grope another female co-worker.  It was further claimed that our client exposed herself to several people in the group.  These actions allegedly lead to a verbal and then physical altercation while the parties were still in the bar.   

Our client was adamant that she was innocent of the charges brought against her, thus the case was scheduled for trial.  The prosecution called several witnesses to support the allegations made against our client.  Being a top Detroit defense attorney, skilled in the art of cross examination, Dana Nessel soon had several witnesses conflicting with each others’ stories.  One of the witnesses actually almost broke down in tears when it became painfully obvious to all in the courtroom that she was simply making up facts as she went along. 

Ms. Nessel also confronted several witnesses, including the complainant (the person who claims our client assaulted her) with photographs that proved that the complainant indeed welcomed sexual touching from our client.  In fact, the photos showed the complaining witnesses and our client together the very night of the assault.  After the testimony of several defense witnesses, all of whom confirmed the prior sexual encounters between the complainant and the lack of any type of assaultive behavior on the part of the defendant, Detroit defense attorney Dana Nessel rested.

In a written opinion issued a week after trial, Judge Skutt found the client not guilty of all charges.  Specifically, Judge Skutt noted that the testimony of the complaining witness was unbelievable.  He noted that in several instances on cross examination, by Ms. Nessel, that the complainant contradicted herself and her prior statements.  Further, the judge went on to note that several of the other prosecution’s witnesses suffered a similar fate at the hands of Ms. Nessel, who is a Detroit defense attorney who is noted for her cross examination skills.   

Knowing the right questions to ask when cross-examining a witness only comes when you know the law and have court room experience.  The experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law have a full and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the law in Michigan.  You should expect nothing less from a top Detroit defense attorney.  When you want an attorney who isn’t afraid of taking a your case to trial to protect your rights, you want attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Michigan, contact a Detroit defense attorney  at Nessel and Kessel Law for a free consultation.


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