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Client Removed From The Sex Offender Registry

Regardless of the outcome, it’s not uncommon for clients and their families to be emotional after a SORA removal hearing.  However, after a recent particularly contentious hearing, both our client and his family were almost in tears.  Prosecutor’s regularly object to these petitions…in fact defense attorney Chris Kessel has never had a hearing where a prosecutor didn’t object.  But the prosecutor in this case didn’t merely object, but called my client a predator and a monster. 

However, while the prosecutor was only able to name call and place blame for kinds of tragic events at our client’s feet, attorney Chris Kessel was able to establish to the judge that his client was no longer a threat to society.  Not only could Chris present a client who had successfully completed his probation and counseling and who has a long educational and work history, but he was able to show the judge that his client was simply not the type of person the SOR was meant for.  And even after the prosecutor personally attacked our client, Chris Kessel was able to remind the judge that the legislature allows for court to make determinations based on a particular client and their circumstances and not the argument that no one should be allowed to be off the registry. 

Thankfully the judge saw it our way and signed the order allowing our client to be removed from the Sex Offender Registry. 

It’s important to know that you only get one shot at clearing your name, and the process of sex offender removal is incredibly complex. Both petitioning for removal and going through the hearing process involve extensive paperwork and other technicalities often present problems preventing defendants from being removed from the list. If your hearing does not go well and your name is not removed from the SORA, you will remain on the registry for the full term dictated by law. Don’t go through this process alone! You need the experienced and skilled sex crime attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law to make the most of your one opportunity at clearing your name for good.


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