Criminal Defense

Crime Defense Lawyer

No matter the accusation, you can trust the top criminal attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law for the best legal representation possible.  With decades of litigation experience and an extensive knowledge of the law, clients rely on Dana Nessel and Chris Kessel for their expertise and council regarding any legal needs.  Nessel and Kessel Law has established a reputation for as Detroit’s best criminal defense attorneys with a track record of success in thousands of criminal cases throughout the state of Michigan. No case is too big or too small to receive the serious attention and care that Nessel and Kessel Law will provide. Regardless of whether it is a civil infraction, misdemeanor, or major felony offense, our criminal defense lawyers will work hard for you in any case. Please review the list below and the defense criminal lawyers at Nessel and Kessel Law for a FREE and confidential consultation regarding your case.

Here are just some of the areas in which we represent clients in criminal cases:

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