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Defense Attorney Chris Kessel Represents Detroit Man Involved in “Neighborhood Watch Gone Wrong”

Detroit Attorney Chris Kessel on Fox 2 News

As reported by, one local elderly man with good intentions found out first-hand the consequences that can occur when one takes the role of “neighborhood watch” into their own hands. After living on Detroit’s northwest side for over four decades, 73 year-old William Heard has a reputation amongst the community for being a “hero” and “pillar” amongst his neighbors.

His an overwhelmingly positive reputation makes him an unlikely candidate to now be facing a five year felony for an incident that occurred in March 2014. On the evening in question, he heard banging noises coming from the vacant home next door and spotted men stealing parts of the property. Being a licensed gun owner, Heard grabbed his weapon and went next door to investigate.

When the men he saw turned out to be contractors and not scrappers, Heard landed in a mess of legal trouble. The contractors spotted the gun in his hand and called the police. According to FOX 2’s Amy Lange, he reported that he never pointed it at the contractors, but just held it in his hand. Unfortunately when the police arrived, Heard discovered that he had unknowingly allowed his concealed pistol license to expire during a recent period of hospitalization.

This was enough for Heard to be arrested on felony gun charges, in spite of his good intentions and positive reputation. Nessel and Kessel Law’s Chris Kessel represents Heard in court, believing that reduced charges are definitely in the cards for this case.