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Detroit Lesbian Couple Hires Gay Rights Attorneys at Nessel and Kessel After Harassment

It is no secret that LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage and adoption, are hotly contested legal issues in the United States today. Even with all of the progress towards equality achieved in the past few years, it is unfortunate that the prejudice and harassment of LGBT individuals still continues.

Such an example is seen in the case of a Detroit-area lesbian couple who were recently victims of harassment by their local city officials. Using complaints by neighbors who disagreed with their sexual orientation as justification, the fire department and city building inspector subjected the women to continual random property and dwelling inspections. Often times, the couple received misdemeanor ordinance violations based on absurd “infractions,” such as the bulb wattage of their carriage lights or the timing meter on their flood light.

Anxious to stop the harassment and unsure of where to turn, the couple contacted the Michigan gay rights lawyers at Nessel and Kessel Law for results. As Detroit attorneys with a passion for civil rights and LGBT legal issues, Nessel and Kessel Law threatened to expose the city and its officials for the clear discrimination and harassment against the couple. Just a week after reaching out to the Nessel and Kessel legal team, the city dismissed the ordinance violations and issued an order with the court stating that the clients would not be issued tickets for anything on their property or in their house.

Just like the couple described above, the Detroit gay rights attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law are here to assist those with questions and concerns pertaining to LGBT legal issues, such as same-sex marriage and adoption–and they can help you too! Do not hesitate to reach out to the Nessel and Kessel civil rights lawyers today!


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