Top Divorce Lawyers in Detroit Michigan

Going through a divorce is an extremely tough time for anyone. Walking away from a marriage is difficult to do, and when children and property are involved, it becomes an extremely frustrating and stressful situation. If you’re going through a divorce, don’t go it alone or do it yourself. With so much on the line, like children and property, it’s unwise to risk losing these precious possessions because you don’t have the proper legal advice and representation. That’s why contacting a Michigan divorce attorney at Nessel and Kessel Law is the best way to secure compassionate and skilled legal services that will guide you through each step of the divorce process. As experienced Detroit divorce lawyers, Nessel and Kessel Law understands the burden you’re facing during these troubling times and their expert defense team will make you and your family’s needs their top-priority.

What you Need to Know About Divorce in Michigan

The state of Michigan allows no fault divorce. In other words, you don’t have to prove any grounds to get a divorce, you simply have to demonstrate the marriage isn’t working and you and your spouse cannot reconcile the marriage. No fault divorce also permits your spouse to fight for child custody and property rights, plus no fault divorce also allows you to file for a divorce even if your spouse does not want a divorce. But keep in mind, it will be up to the judge to determine fault in the marriage, which can be a large factor in deciding who maintains child custody and property. Because of this, you should never represent yourself during a divorce for the sake of your children and property.

Moreover, you must file for divorce within the state of Michigan and within the Michigan County where you and your spouse reside – although you are free to file for divorce in the county where your spouse resides if you do not live together. Plus, you must have lived in Michigan for at least six months to file for divorce in Michigan.

Once you file for divorce and if you have no children from your current marriage, you must wait 60 days before the divorce is finalized. However, if you have children from the current marriage, you will have to wait at least 6 months until the divorce is finalized – keep in mind if there’s a battle over custody and property, the timeframe can take much longer.

Michigan Family Law Attorneys

For a peace of mind and quality legal representation and legal advice during your divorce proceedings, don’t hesitate to contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney at Nessel and Kessel Law for assistance today!