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Drivers License Restored

Last week, after a hearing before an officer of the Secretary of State’s, Chris Kessel helped to secure the restoration of full driving privileges for a client.  What made this result particularly pleasing was that the hearing officer, instead of sending her ruling out via US mail, granted full driving privileges on the spot!

The client had three drunk driving (OUI) offenses on her record and was currently driving on a restricted license.  This meant that she was permitted to drive to and from work, religious services, and hospital emergencies.  Her license had been restricted just short of three years when she approached license restoration attorney Chris Kessel.  At Nessel and Kessel Law, we have a comprehensive approach to drivers license restoration hearings.  As part of the license restoration, Chris Kessel reviewed several letters that were submitted on behalf of the Client and went over all the corrections with the Client.  After the letters were perfected, Chris sat down with the Client for a mock hearing, where he went over the questions Mr. Kessel would ask and the types of questions the hearing officer may ask.  Then, just prior to the license restoration hearing, Chris Kessel and the Client met one more time to make sure that Client was fully prepared. 

At the hearing, the Client testified beautifully and answered all of the questions posed by the hearing officer.  The usual practice is that the hearing officer will conclude the hearing and then notify the parties by mail of the decision.  But in this case, the hearing officer was so convinced by the Client’s testimony that she granted the petition on the spot.  Several days later the Client received the officer order that her full driving privileges had been restored. 

If you or a friend or family member is eligible to have the drivers license restored, contact the attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law. 




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