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Drug Charged Dismissed

Criminal Defense Attorney Gets Case Dismissed

After a prolonged legal battle, all charges related to an April 2014 raid were dismissed against a client of Nessel & Kessel Law.  Charged with felony firearm, possession with intent to deliver marijuana, and felon in possession of a firearm, our client was facing up to 7 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections.  After weeks of negotiations and conversations with the prosecutor’s officer, criminal defense attorney Chris Kessel was able to convince the office to dismiss the charges against his client. 

In June of this year the preliminary exam was held in this case, by criminal defense attorney Dana Nessel.  During the exam it was revealed that a number of officers that were part of the raid crew had failed to follow evidence gathering protocol.  Quite frankly, the previous sentence is a gross understatement.  The officers testified that they collected evidence at the scene of the raid with plastic bags that were found in the home, handled multiple pieces of evidence without preserving them for fingerprints, and failed to properly tag several pieces of evidence.  Then, weeks after the exam it was revealed that the narcotics unit in the DPD was being “restructured” (aka disbanded). 

During the weeks of discussions between Mr. Kessel and the prosecutor, it came to light that a number of the officers that were scheduled to testify had been indefinitely suspended by the Detroit Police Department.  Then, after a phone call with the prosecutor handling the case, it was determined that the case would be dismissed.  The following day in the Third Circuit Court, before Judge Bill, the case was formally dismissed. 



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