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Drug Charges Dismissed

Michigan Defense Attorney Chris Kessel Gets Drug Charges Dismissed

Yesterday, in the Third Circuit Court, Michigan defense attorney Chris Kessel convinced the prosecutor’s office to dismiss multiple drug charges against his client.  Our client was charged with possession of analogues and possession of a non-narcotic substance, both felonies that carry a maximum term of years in prison. 

In July, our client was pulled over by the Allen Park police for allegedly driving erratically.  After it was determined that our client had not consumed any alcohol, the officer saw fit to stick their heads into the vehicle, where they saw a bag containing several pills.  Despite the fact that the client tried to explain that the pills were hers and that she had a prescription for them, the officers saw fit to arrest the client for possible illegal possession  of prescription drugs.  Unfortunately, many Michigan police officers (and even some prosecutors) mistakenly believe that carrying/transporting prescription medication – unless in their proper bottle – is a crime.  Thankfully, Michigan defense attorney Chris Kessel knows differently. 

It took some doing, but Chris Kessel was able to contact the client’s physician and go back in the records and find the prescriptions that our client had been given.  In fact, Mr. Kessel was able to present the prescriptions as well as a hand-written note from the doctor, explaining what each medication was for, when he had initially begun prescribing it, and why the client was still on the medication.  After presenting the documentation, the prosecutor was left with one of two choices: get embarrassed at trial, or dismiss the case. 

Drug cases tend to be the most complicated cases because of all the different issues that may come up.  That means you need a Michigan defense attorney who specializes in drug cases and who knows the law and how to use it to your advantage.  When a client retains Nessel and Kessel Law we immediately begin to develop a comprehensive strategy for success.  Sometimes success means convincing the prosecutor to dismiss the charges completely, or have them greatly reduced.  Other times it means a motion to suppress evidence to have the case dismissed by a judge, or fully preparing for trial and securing a not guilty verdict.


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