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Drunk Driving Attorney Gets Charges Reduced

Drunk Driving Attorney Secures Reduced Charges

Drunk driving attorney, Chris Kessel, secures seriously reduced charges for his client.  The client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated out of the 48th District Court.  Eventually, Chris Kessel was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges down the a Reckless Driving and Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle.

The client was stopped by the West Bloomfield Twp. Police for allegedly erratically operating his vehicle.  A further search of the vehicle revealed that the client had a weapon in the vehicle, as well as an open container of alcohol.  As a seasoned drunk driving attorney, Chris Kessel was able to secure the video from the police car which showed to alleged drunk driving.    The video revealed that the officer violated almost every protocol during the stop.  Chris Kessel was also able to cast a shadow of doubt over the results of the DataMaster test.

After prolonged negotiations, drunk driving attorney, Chris Kessel, was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss the drinking and driving offense and allow the client to plead to a lesser charge with lesser penalties and fewer sanctions.  Perhaps most importantly, if the client were ever to be charged with a drunk driving offense again, it would be a 1st offense.

Drunk driving cases (Operating While Intoxicated) are a very specialized area of criminal law. Even if this is your first offense, OWI cases are especially serious because of the many possible ramifications that can be the result of a conviction. Not only can a conviction result in the threat of jail time, it can also have a severe impact on your driver’s license, create problems for your employment and force you to face the awkward social stigma associated with these crimes.  Because of the serious consequences associated with a drunk driving conviction, it is essential to contact aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Michigan who have the necessary experience to gain the best result possible for you and your individual case.


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