Ferndale MI Gay Adoption

Same-Sex Adoption in Ferndale MI

Even with the added amount of stress and challenges, starting a family is generally one of the most rewarding and joyful experiences one will have during their lifetime. For members of the Michigan LGBT community however, raising children is significantly harder because of the negative judgments that exist in American culture today. It is sad but true, there are many members of Congress and the public that are against same-sex couples starting a family with the belief that these individuals and couples are not fit to be parents.

Regardless of whether one is single or in a committed relationship, the only way to ensure successful adoption for gay families in Ferndale MI is to work with an aggressive legal team that knows what it takes to guide one through this difficult and stressful process. The skilled lawyers at Nessel and Kessel Law are completely committed to protecting the rights of clients of all sexual orientations. Our Ferndale MI LGBT adoption attorneys maintain that all Americans, gay or straight, should have the chance to become a parent and bring children into a loving home.

Michigan Marriage Equality Brings Waves of Change

Jayne Rowse April DeBoer Dana NesselOn March 21st, 2014, life in Michigan was forever changed when the landmark decision in the DeBoer v. Snyder case was handed down. Not only did the politically and socially influential case challenge the state’s marriage equality ban, but is also gained national recognition as well. For the first time since Prop 8 in California, this historic case was the first time a full trial was held based on the direct issue of constitutionality of gay marriage. In a written decision from U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman, the 2004 voter-enacted ban is unconstitutional as there is no existing legitimate reason that LGBT individuals and couples should not enjoy the same rights enjoyed by heterosexual persons and couples.

Being one of the head lawyers on the DeBoer v. Snyder case, Nessel and Kessel Law’s partner Dana Nessel knows all too well how important this decision is; not only for the LGBT community, but for across the state as well. In many ways this historic ruling has worked to pave the way for true equality in Michigan, as it also deemed the state’s ban on second parent adoptions for married same-sex couples unconstitutional. The process for gay adoption in Ferndale MI will never be the same thanks to this legal domino effect, providing a whole world of opportunities LGBT couples have never before had access to.

Hundreds of gay and lesbian couples across Oakland County flocked to local courthouses to be married on March 22nd, 2014. Over 300 same-sex couples were successful and entered into legal marriages, despite it being a Saturday. Immediately upon entering into a valid marriage, the step-parent would now have the legal right to adopt their spouse’s child or children. Not surprisingly however, the adoption process for gay couples in Ferndale MI will not be any easier even in the wake of Judge Bernard’s landmark ruling. Politicians in Michigan are hurrying to implement legal obstacles that could prevent those in the LGBT community from getting married or adopting children.

Ferndale MI Second Parent Adoption: Filing a Petition 

For the lucky couples that were able to successfully marry on March 22nd, 2014, or have been married in another state that recognizes same-sex marriage, it is important to know that adoption is an option for you no matter what hurdles lawmakers may place. Retaining experienced lawyers that know what it takes to be successful in gay adoption cases is the best way to ensure that all of one’s rights are protected inside and outside of the courtroom. The Ferndale MI adoption attorneys from Nessel and Kessel Law are committed to helping LGBT individuals and couples gain access to the exact same rights as straight persons and partners. Our legal team believes that the constitutional right to build a family should be afforded to all Americans, and we will fight to make sure that the courts and adoption officials will base their decision on whether or not the child is being raised in a safe and nurturing home. Don’t wait to make the most of all your legal options — reach out to Nessel and Kessel Law right away at 313-556-2300 to see if you quality to file a petition for second parent adoption in Ferndale MI. The time is now, take advantage of your rights today!

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