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Gay Marriage and Second Parent Adoption Interview

Dana Nessel sits down with to discuss gay marriage and second parent adoption.

While the country waits for the United States Supreme Court to address the cases before it that deal with gay marriage, Dana Nessel spoke with Jonathan Oosting of for an interview on the state of the law in Michigan and around the county.

The interview can be found here.

Nessel and Kessel Law is dedicated for fighting for the rights of all people, no matter their race, religion, or sexual preference.  At this moment we have a case in Federal Court challenging Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage and second parent adoption.  More information can be found on the case hereWe are particularly looking forward to the Supreme Court’s decision and the ways in which it will further our fight for gay marriage and second parent adoption in Michigan.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime or been discriminated against, contact the Dana Nessel and Chris Kessel of Nessel and Kessel Law.


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  1. Rob Delgatto

    The DeBoer/Rowse case

    How do I stay up to date with information on this case? I am in the middle of the process of having a baby via surrogacy. We live in Illinois, but our surrogate lives in Michigan. I am told the outcome of this case could have a positive impact on our adoption process.

    Thank you,
    Rob Delgatto

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