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Not Guilty Verdict for Detroit Criminal Defense Attorney

Chris Kessel secures another NG verdict for his client

The client reacted with tears of joy when the jury read back its verdict; “not guilty of the offense of felony firearm, not guilty of the offense of felon in possession of a firearm.” It was a well-earned victory for the client and criminal defense attorney, Chris Kessel. Had the verdict gone the other way, the client was facing a minimum of 2 years in prison.

The case, heard at the Third Circuit Court, stemmed from a complaint received by the Detroit Police, that a man had been firing a shotgun in front of a house in the early morning hours. When the police arrived on the scene they met the client, who was seen exiting a home. When questioned by the police, the client said he had no knowledge of a gun being fired in the area. What happened after that differs depending on whose story you believe. Thankfully the jury did not believe the officers.

It was the cross-examination by criminal defense attorney, Chris Kessel, which broke the case wide open. At a prior hearing one officer testified that he spoke with the person who called 911 and they stated that the defendant was mad at him (and fired the shots) because he broke into the defendant’s car. However, at trial the officer testified that the caller told the officer that the defendant was mad at them for calling 911. When confronted with the change in story, the officer tried to back-peddle, stating that what was important was the he spoke with the 911 caller, not the reason for the call. Then the officer tried to testify that both reasons were the same reason. Of course when pressed by Chris Kessel that if someone said they were going to call 911, would that be the same thing as saying they were going to break into your car, the officer (begrudgingly) admitted they were not.

Chris followed up this line of questioning with an inquiry into why there was no written statement by the witness of the alleged shooting. First the officer said he never spoke to anyone but the defendant, then he spoke with the defendant and another officer, then he spoke with the defendant and another officer AND a witness…all of which meant he continued to change his story as he went along.

However, the nail in the coffin was that this officer said that the client admitted to shooting the weapon. This statement was supposedly given in the presence of the officer’s partner. Yet when asked about this very confession, the partner said he had no memory of the defendant making any such statement.

It took the jury approximately 20 minutes to return with their verdict. 

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