Gun Charges in Flint MI

Flint MI Gun Charges

Throughout the state of Michigan, gun charges almost always involve many complex Fourth Amendment questions that will decide whether or not important evidence will be allowed to be presented against a defendant. These difficult legal questions and the significant consequences associated with a weapons offense conviction make it essential that one retains the assistance of skilled Flint MI gun charges attorneys. Not only will a knowledgeable legal team help one get answers to the tough questions, they can retract game-changing information from witnesses (generally police officers) even when they’re trying their best not to share it.

After many years representing clients in Flint and across the Mitten State, Nessel and Kessel has tried thousands of weapons offense cases and often receives favorable outcomes. Our aggressive defense lawyers can make sense of one’s unique situation and provide the necessary legal advice and representation needed to be successful in the courtroom. It is our primary goal to help the client understand all the facets of the law, presenting their case to derive the best possible outcome from a judge or jury.

Types of Weapons Offenses in Michigan

There are several types of weapons offenses that one can be accused of in the state of Michigan. As the charges are different for every case, hiring a well-trained and reputable Flint MI criminal lawyer is key to understanding the offenses as they pertain to a specific situation or defendant. No matter if one is charged with a misdemeanor or felony gun charge, it is something that should be taken very seriously and carries serious, life-altering consequences if one is convicted.

Nessel and Kessel Law works with those accused of any type of weapons offense in Flint MI, but commonly see cases involving:

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

One of the most common types of gun charges we see in Flint and across the state is carrying a concealed weapon. Commonly referred to as CWW, the toughest penalty for those convicted of this crime is up to five years in prison and/or a $2,500.00 fine. There are also a number of additional consequences that will befall one who is convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, including: the inability to get a Concealed Pistol License, difficulty finding/maintaining employment, or one’s right to drive a motor vehicle.

Felony Firearm

Regardless of where one is arrested, felony firearm charges in Michigan are incredibly difficult and complex for criminal defense legal teams. Often called FF, this serious offense carries incredibly harsh consequences. If one is convicted, felony firearm charges have a two year prison sentence that is mandatory and must be served consecutively along with any other sentences a defendant is ordered to serve.

Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Known in the legal world as FIP, felon in possession charges involve an accused person that has been convicted of previous felonies (that may or may not have been weapons offenses). In order for FIP to apply, the defendant must have not only been convicted of a felony but also have yet to have their firearm privileges restored. It doesn’t matter whether the weapon was concealed or not, a previous convict can be charged with felon in possession even if the gun is an arm’s length distance away.

Fourth Amendment Rights

Weapons charges in Flint (and across the state) often involve many complex legal questions that surround one’s Fourth Amendment protection rights against unreasonable searches and seizures. Typically, these type of cases stem from the execution of a warrant, the lack of a warrant, or a “stop and frisk.” Especially in instances where a defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated, a skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer is key. To be successful in the courtroom, one must work with a legal team that can get police officers to admit they violated the defendant’s rights. While an average legal team may understand what the Fourth Amendment law means, it takes experienced defense attorneys to know every area of the law and how to best use it to defend a client.

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Boasting a long-standing and strong background in the law, the knowledgeable and well-trained legal team at Nessel and Kessel knows that being successful in the courtroom requires great preparation, strategy, and experience. Once hired to represent a person accused of gun charges in Flint, our #1 trusted criminal attorneys will create a comprehensive plan to outline one’s defense. Nessel and Kessel Law makes the client’s best interests a top priority throughout the entire legal process, always striving for the best possible outcome. Regardless of whether this means having the charges dismissed entirely or reduced, we know what it takes to defend those accused of weapons charges in the state of Michigan. For more information on the Nessel and Kessel approach to criminal defense or to schedule a consultation, call us at 313-556-2300 today. Don’t hesitate to receive the legal assistance needed to protect yourself from life-changing consequences and possible prison sentences!