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Talking to the Police

Perhaps the surest way to be convicted of a crime is to give the police a statement once you’ve been arrested.

So many clients think that by talking to the police that they can get out of whatever trouble they may be in, or that if they just explain to the officer what really happened they won’t even need to talk to a criminal defense attorney later.  Unfortunately, the exact opposite is almost always true and the client ends up making things worse for themselves.  I’ve seen simple retail fraud turned into armed robbery based, assault and battery turned into assault with intent to murder, and drug possession turned into possession with intent to deliver, all based on the results of a police interrogation.

Police are trained in the art of interrogation.  They know exactly how to get you to admit to things that you either: a) didn’t want to admit to; or b) never even did!

If you are arrested and the police ask you to make a statement, simply (and politely) say that you do not wish to speak to the police regarding the matter and ask to speak to a defense attorney.  Once you do that, you will invoke you 5th Amendment right to remain silent and your 6th Amendment right to have an attorney present.  That means that the police may no longer speak to you until your attorney is present.

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