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Lesbian Women Sue over Adoption Ban for Unmarried Couples

HAZEL PARK, Mich. – HAZEL PARK, Mich. (AP) — Two lesbians who are raising three children filed a lawsuit Monday to overturn Michigan’s ban on adoption by unmarried couples.

April DeBoer, with two adopted children, and Jayne Rowse, with one, are longtime partners and nurses who live together with the kids in suburban Detroit. But under state law, they can’t adopt them as a couple, an option available only to heterosexual married couples.

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  1. Kathi Nelson

    I saw your efforts to change the adoption law for same-sex couples and would like to let you know I hope you are able to get this changed. I am the Director of Hands Across The Water a local adoption/foster care agency who has worked with LGBT persons and families for years assisting them in adopting or providing foster care. It has always been mind boggling to my why these couples could not provide the legal stability to their children as other couples can. We have a few same-sex couples who are legally married in another state who can’t adopt as a couple. This is just wrong. If there is anything my agency can do in support of your efforts please let me know. We have the HRC seal of approval for our work with LGBT persons and also offer a free monthly LGBT parent group. We will post the channel 7 video on our facebook. Thank you for your efforts.

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