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Dana Nessel turns a felony into a suppressed misdemeanor. 

Today, at the Hamtramck District Court, Dana Nessel helped another client of Nessel and Kessel Law keep a clean criminal record.  The client was originally charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, a 4 year felony.  Normally cases that start out as felonies are handled at the circuit court level, the court with jurisdiction over all felonies.  However, Dana Nessel, a top marijuana defense attorney, was able to persuade the prosecutor to allow our client not only to plead to a misdemeanor, but also to be sentenced under MCL 333.7411.

333.7411 (aka 7411) is a special statute that was passed by the Michigan Legislature.  Under this law, if a person pleads guilty to simple possession of a controlled substance AND the person does not have any prior drug convictions on their record, the person may serve a short term of probation after which the conviction is wiped from their record. 

It is never automatic or a given that a defendant will receive probation under 7411 simply because they are charged with possession of a controlled substance.  Not only must the prosecutor agree to the sentence, but the judge must also go along with the special probationary status.  After lengthy and considerable negotiations involving the prosecutor and the judge, Dana Nessel was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the felony charge and allow our client to plead guilty to simple possession with probation under 7411.  One year from today our client will have a spotless record.   

It’s not always the loudest and most brash attorney that gets the best results.  At Nessel & Kessel Law, we have taken the time to cultivate and grow our relationships with prosecutors and judges.  These relationships are what allow prosecutors and judges to trust us and listen when we explain how and why charges should be dismissed.  These relationships are what make us the top criminal defense attorneys in Michigan.

If you or a friend or family member has been charged with a crime, or you believe that you will be charged with a crime, trust the attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law to help you through this trying time.  When you need a top marijuana defense attorney in Michigan, you need Nessel and Kessel Law.  Contact us today for a free consultation.


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