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Nessel And Kessel Law Announces Arguments To Be Held In Michigan Gay Marriage Case

A case that originally started as a challenge to Michigan’s prohibition to same-sex second parent adoption, but that has now turned into a fight for the rights of gay and lesbian couple to marry, has reached another milestone. On March 7, 2013, Judge Bernard A. Friedman will hold a motion hearing so that he may hear arguments as to why gay and lesbian couples should or should not have the right to marry in the State of Michigan. The hearing is scheduled at 9AM at the Wayne State University Law School in the main auditorium.

The case, DeBoer et al v. Snyder et al, centers around April DeBoer and Jayne Rouse, two women in a committed relationship that have encountered many struggles on their journey to parenthood. April and Jayne have been in a committed domestic partnership for over a decade. Both women work in Detroit area hospitals; April is a neo-natal intensive care nurse, and Jayne is an emergency room nurse. For many years the two have been licensed foster parents.

Since deciding to become parents, April and Jayne have taken in three special needs newborns that were abandoned at birth by their mothers. The babies were born premature, drug-addicted, and with a host of long-term physical and mental impairments. Within a year and a half, these wonderful women took in all three babies (a girl and two boys) and have dedicated their lives to nurturing and caring for these abandoned children, who they love and cherish every bit as if they had given birth to them.

At Nessel and Kessel Law, we are proud to stand up for clients who simply want to have the same rights as other citizens of Michigan. Whether your case involves fighting for your civil rights, fighting against a criminal charge, or fighting for custody of your children, you need one of the top attorneys in Michigan, who have the experience and knowledge to win the tough cases. You need Nessel and Kessel Law.


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