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New Ruling Protects The Rights Of Medical Marijuana Patients

The Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled that a Michigan medical marijuana patient cannot be prosecuted for illegal drug possession, despite not having proof of his or her registration at the time of arrest.

However, the court did say police were within their rights to arrest the patient, identified in court records as James RG Nicholson of Ottawa County, because he couldn’t establish proof of registration on the spot.

Prosecutors had argued that Nicholson was not protected by the medical marijuana law because he did not “possess” a registry identification card at the time of arrest in May 2011. He told police his registration card was in a car at his residence.

There are many uncertainties with the relatively new Medical Marijuana Act in Michigan. As if these matters aren’t complicated enough, often times these cases can by full of potential 4th Amendment issues as well.

It’s important that you have legal representation provided by an attorney who is both well versed in the most up to date Michigan law, as well being well versed in 4th Amendment law. You need an attorney who can ensure you get the best result possible.

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