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PPO Petition Denied in Macomb County

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At a hearing before Judge Kathryn A. George in the Macomb County Circuit Court, Chris Kessel successfully argued for the denial of a PPO petition against his client.  The petitioner and the client are in the beginning of a messy divorce.  The petitioner claimed that our client had attempted to take the children away from her, that he had screamed and yelled at her, and that he had threatened her with violence.

In reality, really happened was that the petitioner had taken the children away from our client and was refusing to let him see them.  The client, upon finally learning where the children were being kept, went to try and take them home.  This series of events happened on two consecutive nights, causing the petitioner to file her PPO petition.

After hearing from Chris Kessel and our client, the judge began to ask a number of questions that Chris had specifically raised.  Instead of being able to answer the questions, the petitioner broke down into tears and began changing her story.  She claimed she had been raped and the children had been abused…none of which – Chris Kessel pointed out – had ever been reported.  At one point Judge George went so far as to ask Mr. Kessel if her hearing was off because the petitioner had changed her story so many times.

PPO’s are very serious matters.  They are court orders that prohibit a person from having ANY contact with another person, property, place of employment…etc.  A violation of a PPO can lead to jail time as well as misdemeanor or felony charges.  Once a PPO is in place, they will remain so for 6 months.  

If you have had a PPO petition filed against you, you need a PPO attorney who can fight for your rights.  At Nessel & Kessel Law, we have extensive knowledge and experience defending against PPO’s.  While these matters can be considered routine, you should never just allow “any” attorney to defend you against a PPO.  Contact Nessel & Kessel Law for a free consultation today.   


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