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PPO Petition Denied in Wayne County

PPO Attorney Successfully Fights Petition.

At a hearing in the Wayne County Circuit Court, family division, Dana Nessel, top Michigan criminal defense attorney and PPO attorney, successfully argued against the issuance of a Personal Protection Order (PPO).  The petitioner and the client (respondent) were formerly husband and wife, but were divorced almost 10 years ago.  The petitioner claimed that she was in need of a PPO because our client had made numerous threats against her.  In her petition, she claimed that our client had been making these threats for months, that he had appeared at her home unannounced, and that he claimed he was going to use his pistol against her.

Our client lives in another state and had to arrange to hire a Detroit PPO attorney who would fight his case.  He maintained that the claims in the PPO were completely false…or more accurately, that they were true to a certain degree.  The petitioner claimed that the client had made threats, which was true in a manner of speaking.  The parties have two children together.  Our client has primary custody outside of Michigan.  Unfortunately, the petitioner has a habit of failing to follow the parenting time order that is in place.  As such, our client has had to file numerous police reports in order to prove to the court that she is violating the parenting time order.  Thus, the threats that the petitioner mentioned were threats that our client would report the petitioner to the police, again.


Fortunately, we at Nessel and Kessel Law were able to obtain records of all of the Orders that other courts had issued, finding the petitioner in violation of the parenting time order.  We were also able to establish that the petitioner already had a PPO out against her, from another state.  By filing a lengthy brief, Dana Nessel, considered to be a top PPO attorney, was also able to show the court that the petitioner has a history of making false claims against the client.  When Dana Nessel appeared before the court, it only took a matter of minutes to establish that there was absolutely no cause to issue the PPO.  Ms. Nessel spent approximately 5 minutes questioning the petitioner on the claims in the petition before the judge put a stop the questioning and denied the PPO. 

PPO’s are very serious matters.  They are court orders that prohibit a person from having ANY contact with another person, property, place of employment…etc.  A violation of a PPO can lead to jail time as well as misdemeanor or felony charges.  Once a PPO is in place, they will remain so for 6 months.  

If you have had a PPO petition filed against you, you need a PPO attorney who can fight for your rights.  At Nessel & Kessel Law, we have extensive knowledge and experience defending against PPO’s.  While these matters can be considered routine, you should never just allow “any” attorney to defend you against a PPO.  Contact Nessel & Kessel Law for a free consultation today.   




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