Probation Violation Attorney

Chris Kessel convinces judge to dismiss client’s probation violation.

Today at the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, Chris Kessel, acting as a probation violation attorney, convinced a judge to throw out his client’s charge of violating his probation.  The client was alleged to have been involved in new criminal activity, specifically having been charged with armed robbery, as well as having failed to pay his costs and fines.  The allegations of failing to complete the payment of costs and fines are all too typical in Wayne County.  Often times a probationer is told that they have the entire term of their probation to pay off the costs, fines, and supervision fees.  However, probationers will often get “violated” by their probation officer because they have not completed making their payments.  In this case the client had paid half of his supervision fees and approximately one third of his fines and costs.  Most attorneys simply plead their clients guilty and ask the court for mercy…but not the top Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law.   

After checking with the cashier’s office, Mr. Kessel was able to determine that the client and his family had been making payments towards the balance of his costs.  And, as it turns out, while the client had been arrested for armed robbery, however the charges had been dismissed.  A quick look into the court file and Mr. Kessel had shown the judge that not only had the client been absolved of any responsibility for the robbery, but that he had in fact been making payments towards his costs, fees, and supervision costs.

All too often probationers are charged with violation their probation simply because they have not completed paying their costs, EVEN THOUGH they still have time to pay.  The violations can be the result of honest mistakes, or laziness on the part of the probation officer.  Violating your probation, whether you’re charged with simple drug possession or assault or robbery can result in a prison sentence.  That’s why you need a probation violation attorney who can fight for you, not just one who will walk you right into a guilty plea. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with violating your probation, contact the Detroit defense attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law for a free consultation.  We have the experience and the skill to help ensure that you can avoid a prison or even jail sentence.   


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