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Novi Defense Attorney Gets Case Dismissed

Ticket in Novi gets dismissed.

In the 47th District Court, Novi defense attorney Dana Nessel represented a client who had received a civil infraction on the charge of careless driving. The client was facing a default judgment, which had already been entered against her in the case.  The clerk’s office claimed that they sent the client notice of her court hearing in the mail, however the client never received the notice.  Weeks later, the client received a notice for a default judgment. 

A default judgment means that the court has automatically ruled against the defendant for, among other things, failing to appear.  Typically it is very difficult to have a default judgment set aside.  However, in this instance, not only was Novi defense attorney Dana Nessel able to convince the court to set aside the judgment, but she was able to have the ticket dismissed completely! Continue reading “Novi Defense Attorney Gets Case Dismissed” »

Chris Kessel Secured Not Guilty Verdict

Detroit Defense Attorney Secures Not Guilty Verdict

Today, at the Wayne County Circuit Court, with a client facing a combination of weapons, assault, and domestic violence charges, Detroit defense attorney Chris Kessel was able to obtain a complete acquittal for his client.  The client, AM, was charged with Felonious Assault, Felony Firearm, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and Domestic Violence, and was looking at up to 7 years in prison if convicted.

The prosecutor’s was based almost entirely on the testimony of the complaining witness, our client’s former girlfriend, who claims that the client physically assaulted her, put a gun to her head, and threatened to kill her.  Through rigorous cross examination, Chris was able to show that the story she testified to at trial was substantially different to the story she testified to at a prior hearing.  Chris was also able to show that the original story that the complaining witness told the police was different from the version she told while under oath. Continue reading “Chris Kessel Secured Not Guilty Verdict” »

Gay Marriage and Second Parent Adoption Interview

Dana Nessel sits down with to discuss gay marriage and second parent adoption.

While the country waits for the United States Supreme Court to address the cases before it that deal with gay marriage, Dana Nessel spoke with Jonathan Oosting of for an interview on the state of the law in Michigan and around the county.

The interview can be found here.

Nessel and Kessel Law is dedicated for fighting for the rights of all people, no matter their race, religion, or sexual preference.  At this moment we have a case in Federal Court challenging Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage and second parent adoption.  More information can be found on the case hereWe are particularly looking forward to the Supreme Court’s decision and the ways in which it will further our fight for gay marriage and second parent adoption in Michigan.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime or been discriminated against, contact the Dana Nessel and Chris Kessel of Nessel and Kessel Law.

Armed Robbery Charges Dismissed

After a preliminary exam at the district court for the City of Westland, Chris Kessel was able to have armed robbery charges dismissed against his client. 

Our client was initially charged with armed robbery after a incident that happened in a local K-Mart.  The testimony from one of the store’s loss prevention officers was that the client stole some costume jewelry from the store.  In essence, the client committed a retail fraud.  The client then left the store with her boyfriend (and co-defendant).  When the two were stopped by the store’s employees, our client continued walking to her car, while the co-defendant lifted up his shirt and allegedly threatened the employees with a handgun.  Our client was charged based on the theory that she was an accessory to the boyfriend’s use of the weapon. Continue reading “Armed Robbery Charges Dismissed” »

Uttering and Pulbishing Charges Dismissed

Another successful defense was mounted in the Livonia District Court as defense attorney Dana Nessel convinced the prosecutor to dismissed two felony charges.  Our client was charged with two felony counts of Uttering and Publishing, punishable by up to 14 years in prison, which were completely unfounded.  Ms. Nessel, after extensive negotiations with the Wayne County Prosecutor, secured a plea for our client which involved the dismissal of the two felony charges.  I

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Breaking and Entering Cases Dismissed

Detroit defense attorney Chris Kessel turns 8 convictions into 4 with HYTA. 

Several weeks ago a client came to Nessel and Kessel Law with EIGHT cases involving Breaking and Entering, Larceny from a Building, and Felony Firearm.  It became immediately apparant that all 8 cases stemmed from the actions of one night.  Unfortunately, because of the Felony Firearm charge the client was looking at a minimum of 2 years in prison.   

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Marijuana Defense Attorney

Dana Nessel turns a felony into a suppressed misdemeanor. 

Today, at the Hamtramck District Court, Dana Nessel helped another client of Nessel and Kessel Law keep a clean criminal record.  The client was originally charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Marijuana, a 4 year felony.  Normally cases that start out as felonies are handled at the circuit court level, the court with jurisdiction over all felonies.  However, Dana Nessel, a top marijuana defense attorney, was able to persuade the prosecutor to allow our client not only to plead to a misdemeanor, but also to be sentenced under MCL 333.7411.

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Detroit Defense Attorney Shines at Preliminary Exam

Felony Firearm Charges Dismissed

Thanks to arguments made by Chris Kessel after a preliminary exam, the weapons charges against a client of Nessel and Kessel Law were dismissed by a judge at the 36th District CourtOur client was charges with Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW), Felon In Possession of a Firearm (FIP) and Felony Firearm (FF).  These charges often accompany each other because they can all be charged by the commission of one simple act; possessing a gun.  The charges stemmed from an encounter our client had with 3 Detroit Police Officers.

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Detroit Defense Attorney Gets Home Invasion Dismissed

Home Invasion Attorney Gets 20 Year Felony Dismissed

This week, in the Wayne County Circuit Court, Detroit defense attorney Chris Kessel of Nessel & Kessel Law achieved another significant legal victory.  Our client was charged with Home Invasion – First Degree, Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile (UDAA), and misdemeanor Domestic Violence.  The Home Invasion charge carries a maximum 20 year prison sentence, while the Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile carries a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.  Generally, when a defendant is sentenced on two or more crimes at the same time, the sentences will run “concurrent”; meaning that both sentences will be run at the same time.  However, because of the state of the law in Michigan, if a defendant is convicted of Home Invasion and another crime, the sentences will run consecutive; meaning a defendant will have to serve their sentence on the Home Invasion THEN serve their sentence on the other crime.

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Probation Violation Attorney

Probation Violation Dismissed

Sometimes a skilled probation violation attorney is the only thing that keeps you out of jail.  Recently Nessel and Kessel had the pleasure of representing a young man who was alleged to have violated his probation in the Wayne County Circuit Court.  The client originally plead guilty to possession of less than 25 grams of heroin and was sentenced to non-reporting probation.  Unfortunately, during his probation, the client was forced to change probation officers.  As is sometimes the case, the new officer was not familiar with all of the details of the client’s case, and when he didn’t show up didn’t report during the first 2 months of the new probation officer’s term the probation officer issued a warrant for the client’s arrest.  The client, who was unaware that a warrant was issued for his arrest, was later arrested and charged with violating his probation by absconding.

Before holding the probation violation hearing, Chris Kessel was able to obtain a copy of the original court file where it clearly showed that the client was sentenced to non-reporting probation.  Chris was able to explain to the court that the client was under no obligation to report regularly to his probation officer and that it was the fault of the new probation officer, not the client, that the warrant was issued.  When the court saw the original order of probation along with the accompanying documents, the violation was immediately dismissed and the client was continued on his probation, with the court’s apologies. Continue reading “Probation Violation Attorney” »