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Drug Charges Dismissed

Michigan Defense Attorney Chris Kessel Gets Drug Charges Dismissed

Yesterday, in the Third Circuit Court, Michigan defense attorney Chris Kessel convinced the prosecutor’s office to dismiss multiple drug charges against his client.  Our client was charged with possession of analogues and possession of a non-narcotic substance, both felonies that carry a maximum term of years in prison. 

In July, our client was pulled over by the Allen Park police for allegedly driving erratically.  After it was determined that our client had not consumed any alcohol, the officer saw fit to stick their heads into the vehicle, where they saw a bag containing several pills.  Despite the fact that the client tried to explain that the pills were hers and that she had a prescription for them, the officers saw fit to arrest the client for possible illegal possession  of prescription drugs.  Unfortunately, many Michigan police officers (and even some prosecutors) mistakenly believe that carrying/transporting prescription medication – unless in their proper bottle – is a crime.  Thankfully, Michigan defense attorney Chris Kessel knows differently. 

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Drunk Driving Attorney Gets Charges Reduced

Drunk Driving Attorney Secures Reduced Charges

Drunk driving attorney, Chris Kessel, secures seriously reduced charges for his client.  The client was charged with Operating While Intoxicated out of the 48th District Court.  Eventually, Chris Kessel was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges down the a Reckless Driving and Open Intoxicants in a Motor Vehicle.

The client was stopped by the West Bloomfield Twp. Police for allegedly erratically operating his vehicle.  A further search of the vehicle revealed that the client had a weapon in the vehicle, as well as an open container of alcohol.  As a seasoned drunk driving attorney, Chris Kessel was able to secure the video from the police car which showed to alleged drunk driving.    The video revealed that the officer violated almost every protocol during the stop.  Chris Kessel was also able to cast a shadow of doubt over the results of the DataMaster test. Continue reading “Drunk Driving Attorney Gets Charges Reduced” »

Chris Kessel Secures Not Guilty Verdict

Top Detroit Defense Attorney Gets NG

At a trial before Judge Gregory Bill at the Wayne County Circuit Court, Chris Kessel, top Detroit defense attorney, was able to secure a not guilty verdict for his client.  The client, KA, was charged with malicious destruction of property and arson – 4th degree.  The client was potentially facing potential prison time as well as a several thousand dollar fine.

The prosecutor’s case was based upon the complaining witness testifying that they actually saw the client burning their property, specifically her car.  After intense cross examination by Chris Kessel, the witnesses was forced to admit that she never actually saw the face of the person who she believed burned her car.  Further, she was also forced to testify that when she actually the person running away from the vehicle, the person was several houses away and was running through shadows.  Eventually, the witness was left with no choice but to admit that even though she believed that the person who damaged her car was the defendant, she could not say for sure.  After hearing all of the evidence, Chris Kessel explained to the judge that there was no evidence that anyone actually saw the client commit any crime.  Judge Bill was left with no other choice but to find the client not guilty. 

Knowing the right questions to ask when cross-examining a witness only comes when you know the law and have court room experience.  The experienced Michigan criminal defense attorneys at Nessel and Kessel Law have a full and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the law in Michigan.  You should expect nothing less from p Detroit defense attorney, Chris Kessel.  If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime in Michigan, contact the defense lawyers at Nessel and Kessel Law for a free consultation.  

PPO Petition Denied in Wayne County

PPO Attorney Successfully Fights Petition.

At a hearing in the Wayne County Circuit Court, family division, Dana Nessel, top Michigan criminal defense attorney and PPO attorney, successfully argued against the issuance of a Personal Protection Order (PPO).  The petitioner and the client (respondent) were formerly husband and wife, but were divorced almost 10 years ago.  The petitioner claimed that she was in need of a PPO because our client had made numerous threats against her.  In her petition, she claimed that our client had been making these threats for months, that he had appeared at her home unannounced, and that he claimed he was going to use his pistol against her.

Our client lives in another state and had to arrange to hire a Detroit PPO attorney who would fight his case.  He maintained that the claims in the PPO were completely false…or more accurately, that they were true to a certain degree.  The petitioner claimed that the client had made threats, which was true in a manner of speaking.  The parties have two children together.  Our client has primary custody outside of Michigan.  Unfortunately, the petitioner has a habit of failing to follow the parenting time order that is in place.  As such, our client has had to file numerous police reports in order to prove to the court that she is violating the parenting time order.  Thus, the threats that the petitioner mentioned were threats that our client would report the petitioner to the police, again.


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Client found Not Guilty of CSC 4th thanks to Detroit defense attorney

Detroit defense attorney helps completely acquit client.

In the Third Circuit Court, before Judge Richard Skutt, Detroit defense attorney Dana Nessel helped to secure a complete Not Guilty verdict for her client.  The client was charged with two counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct – 4th Degree, Indecent Exposure, and Assault & Battery.  The charges stemmed from allegations that took place in Brownstown, Michigan.  The claim was the our client, a female, began to grope another female co-worker.  It was further claimed that our client exposed herself to several people in the group.  These actions allegedly lead to a verbal and then physical altercation while the parties were still in the bar.   

Our client was adamant that she was innocent of the charges brought against her, thus the case was scheduled for trial.  The prosecution called several witnesses to support the allegations made against our client.  Being a top Detroit defense attorney, skilled in the art of cross examination, Dana Nessel soon had several witnesses conflicting with each others’ stories.  One of the witnesses actually almost broke down in tears when it became painfully obvious to all in the courtroom that she was simply making up facts as she went along.  Continue reading “Client found Not Guilty of CSC 4th thanks to Detroit defense attorney” »

PPO Petition Denied in Macomb County

PPO Attorney

At a hearing before Judge Kathryn A. George in the Macomb County Circuit Court, Chris Kessel successfully argued for the denial of a PPO petition against his client.  The petitioner and the client are in the beginning of a messy divorce.  The petitioner claimed that our client had attempted to take the children away from her, that he had screamed and yelled at her, and that he had threatened her with violence.

In reality, really happened was that the petitioner had taken the children away from our client and was refusing to let him see them.  The client, upon finally learning where the children were being kept, went to try and take them home.  This series of events happened on two consecutive nights, causing the petitioner to file her PPO petition.

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Leaving the Scene of an Accident Charges Dismissed

Misdemeanor Charges Dropped

In the district court for the City of Berkley, top Michigan defense attorney Dana Nessel successfully convinced the city attorney to drop all charges against her client.  The client was originally charged with leaving the scene of an accident, a misdemeanor in the State of Michigan.  If convicted, the client was facing up to 90 days in jail.

The case originated because the client was riding his bike and struck a parked car.  The accident left the client with cuts and scrapes on his arms and legs as well as a fairly severe cut on his head.  The client went home to tend to his wounds.  While he was at home, the Berkley Police arrived and could actually follow a trial of blood several blocks before eventually losing the trial.  A few hours later the client returned to the scene of the accident to apologize to the owner of the vehicle and exchange insurance information.  After the exchange took place, the client went home.  Shortly after that, the police arrived at his home and he was issued a ticket for leaving the scene of the accident. Continue reading “Leaving the Scene of an Accident Charges Dismissed” »

Novi Defense Attorney Gets Case Dismissed

Ticket in Novi gets dismissed.

In the 47th District Court, Novi defense attorney Dana Nessel represented a client who had received a civil infraction on the charge of careless driving. The client was facing a default judgment, which had already been entered against her in the case.  The clerk’s office claimed that they sent the client notice of her court hearing in the mail, however the client never received the notice.  Weeks later, the client received a notice for a default judgment. 

A default judgment means that the court has automatically ruled against the defendant for, among other things, failing to appear.  Typically it is very difficult to have a default judgment set aside.  However, in this instance, not only was Novi defense attorney Dana Nessel able to convince the court to set aside the judgment, but she was able to have the ticket dismissed completely! Continue reading “Novi Defense Attorney Gets Case Dismissed” »

Chris Kessel Secured Not Guilty Verdict

Detroit Defense Attorney Secures Not Guilty Verdict

Today, at the Wayne County Circuit Court, with a client facing a combination of weapons, assault, and domestic violence charges, Detroit defense attorney Chris Kessel was able to obtain a complete acquittal for his client.  The client, AM, was charged with Felonious Assault, Felony Firearm, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, and Domestic Violence, and was looking at up to 7 years in prison if convicted.

The prosecutor’s was based almost entirely on the testimony of the complaining witness, our client’s former girlfriend, who claims that the client physically assaulted her, put a gun to her head, and threatened to kill her.  Through rigorous cross examination, Chris was able to show that the story she testified to at trial was substantially different to the story she testified to at a prior hearing.  Chris was also able to show that the original story that the complaining witness told the police was different from the version she told while under oath. Continue reading “Chris Kessel Secured Not Guilty Verdict” »

Gay Marriage and Second Parent Adoption Interview

Dana Nessel sits down with to discuss gay marriage and second parent adoption.

While the country waits for the United States Supreme Court to address the cases before it that deal with gay marriage, Dana Nessel spoke with Jonathan Oosting of for an interview on the state of the law in Michigan and around the county.

The interview can be found here.

Nessel and Kessel Law is dedicated for fighting for the rights of all people, no matter their race, religion, or sexual preference.  At this moment we have a case in Federal Court challenging Michigan’s ban on same sex marriage and second parent adoption.  More information can be found on the case hereWe are particularly looking forward to the Supreme Court’s decision and the ways in which it will further our fight for gay marriage and second parent adoption in Michigan.  If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime or been discriminated against, contact the Dana Nessel and Chris Kessel of Nessel and Kessel Law.