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Same-Sex Couples in Oakland County MI File Adoption Applications

In the days since the landmark decision by U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman that deemed Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, the air of change seems to be blowing in the Mitten state. Although a stay has been placed on the ruling, Governor Rick Snyder has said that the 320 same-sex marriages performed beforehand were legal. Even though this is a small number of LGBT couples in Michigan looking to tie the knot, the couple hundred that are deemed valid still represent major changes.

This is especially true where adoption is concerned, as it now becomes an option for same-sex couples never enjoyed before. While Governor Snyder also said that those marriages carry no rights because of the stay on Judge Friedman’s ruling, the Oakland County adoption office has decided to name caseworkers to LBGT couples who have filed applications to adopt. Just like they do for heterosexual couples, the caseworkers will perform background checks and home evaluations. According to Lauren Howard, chief of the Oakland County office, the fight over adoption will largely be left to the courts. “It’s the judicial branch that determines whether there can be an adoption — a judge determines that,” said Howard.

Reports from the county state that at least five or six other same-sex couples who were married on Saturday have filed adoption applications, but many more are also expected to do so in the upcoming days. Those that choose to submit an application will undoubtedly need legal counsel to act as a guide throughout the complex legal process, and it is always best to opt for a skilled Detroit adoption attorney with experience handling Michigan same-sex adoption cases. Nessel and Kessel Law was the legal team that stood behind April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse in their successful landmark case, and are now ready to help others interested in second-parent adoption. For the best legal advice and legal representation that is committed to protecting the rights of LGBT couples, contact our law firm today at 248-721-0296.


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