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“Supporting” Same-Sex Marriage and Supporting Same-Sex Marriage

We at Nessel and Kessel Law have never been big fans of the phrase “put your money where your mouth is.”  But never have those words been more appropriate to direct at the current situation surrounding the DeBoer v Snyder case, challenging Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage.  As many of you know, Dana Nessel and the other attorneys on the case have been fighting this fight for the last 3 years.  What many people don’t know, and are shocked to hear, is that during this time they have practically been working for free while also keeping their own practices afloat.  There has been little to no help from most major organizations who claim that their goal is to stand up for, and represent, the LBGT community.  Here is a link to a story that only scratches the surface of the struggle that Dana Nessel and the other lawyers have been enduring these many years. 


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