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New Michigan Laws That Lawyers Need to Know About

Laws are constantly changing. It can be difficult for lawyers to keep up. However, it’s extremely important for attorneys to fully understand the law including any changes, as they can impact cases and the advice that lawyers are able to provide.

Since July 1st, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has signed approximately 25 new laws. Michigan lawyers should know and understand these laws. Here are some of the most important new laws to know about.

Female Genital Mutilation Becomes a 15-Year Felony in Michigan

Perhaps the most significant law passed in Michigan this year is Public Acts 68-79, which makes female genital mutilation a 15-year felony for both the doctors who perform the procedure as well as the parents who allow it.

Current federal law makes female genital mutilation a 5-year felony. The new law in Michigan is ten years tougher, increases the statute of limitations for victims to file a civil lawsuit, and provides for greater public awareness campaigns, especially among immigrant and refugee populations.

Public Act 81 was also passed. This law allows for a health professional’s license or registration to be permanently revoked if the individual is convicted of female genital mutilation.

New Laws Modify Michigan’s Concealed Pistol Licensing Law and Decriminalize Switchblades

Another notable new law modifies Michigan’s concealed pistol licensing law. Public Act 95 changes the state’s Concealed Pistol Licensing (CPL) application and licensing process to include a requirement that sheriffs must notify city clerks if an individual becomes ineligible for a CPL, unless Michigan State Police or the County Sheriff has determined the applicant is not prohibited under federal law from possessing or transporting a firearm.

Also passed this year was Public Act 96, which eliminates current law prohibiting the sale and possession of spring-assisted knives, commonly known as switchblades.

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