2 days and 2 expungements

In two successive days, attorney Chris Kessel was able to change the lives of two very greatful clients.  The clients, though very different personally, shared one common trait; they both had a felony conviction on their record.  These convictions were causing significant hardship on both clients, albeit in different ways.

D.C. was convicted of an arson charge in 1995. He served a period of probation as his sentence and was discharged.  While the conviction being on his record was always an inconvenience, a recent development required its immediate removal.  D.C. lived in a community that forbade any of its residents from having a felony conviction on their record.  Unfortunately, the Board of the community performed a random background check and D.C.’s felony as noticed.  He was told he would have to leave the community because of his conviction.

J.N. was convicted of attempt CSC 4th degree in 2002.  Normally, a conviction of this type would not be elibigle for removal from one’s record.  However, because of the 2015 amendment to the expungement statute, JN. was elibigle to have this conviction removed.  In fact, Detroit attorney Chris Kessel had recently helped J.N. by correcting Michigan State Police records that mistakenly had him placed on the public sex registry.  Because he had recently lost his job, J.N. was having trouble securing employment because of the existence of his criminal conviction.

On June 22 and June 23, respectively, expungement attorney Chris Kessel held hearings in both matters.  After establishing that both clients were eligible for an expungement, and both were indeed worthy, the judges in both cases signed orders granting the expungements and clearing the records of both clients.

Having a criminal conviction on your record can be a devistating thing.  It can prevent you from getting a job, can result in your being evicted from your home, and the stigma attached to being a convicted felon can be overwhemlimg.  If you have questions about your eligibility for an expungement, contact Nessel and Kessel Law today.