Michigan criminal defense

Talking to the Police

Perhaps the surest way to be convicted of a crime is to give the police a statement once you’ve been arrested.

So many clients think that by talking to the police that they can get out of whatever trouble they may be in, or that if they just explain to the officer what really happened they won’t even need to talk to a criminal defense attorney later.  Unfortunately, the exact opposite is almost always true and the client ends up making things worse for themselves.  I’ve seen simple retail fraud turned into armed robbery based, assault and battery turned into assault with intent to murder, and drug possession turned into possession with intent to deliver, all based on the results of a police interrogation. Continue reading “Talking to the Police” »

Armed Robbery Charges Dismissed

After a preliminary exam at the district court for the City of Westland, Chris Kessel was able to have armed robbery charges dismissed against his client. 

Our client was initially charged with armed robbery after a incident that happened in a local K-Mart.  The testimony from one of the store’s loss prevention officers was that the client stole some costume jewelry from the store.  In essence, the client committed a retail fraud.  The client then left the store with her boyfriend (and co-defendant).  When the two were stopped by the store’s employees, our client continued walking to her car, while the co-defendant lifted up his shirt and allegedly threatened the employees with a handgun.  Our client was charged based on the theory that she was an accessory to the boyfriend’s use of the weapon. Continue reading “Armed Robbery Charges Dismissed” »